How To Create Income With Text To Speech Online Software

text to speech online

If you want to make videos for Youtube channel where you don’t need to show your face or use your own voice, and you don’t want to hire somebody else to record their voice overs for your videos, then you need the right text to speech online software.

Or, let’s say you think how to create income by providing part-time service for other businesses, and your budget is very limited so you can’t invest too much into your studio set-up. You need just 1 software to use.

Lets talk about one of such software, and discuss why it is much more superior comparing to other similar apps. It’s called…

Speechelo Text To Speech Online Download App.

In our opinion, it has unbeatable benefits such as: is very affordable, it has user friendly interface, and is very easy to use for text to speech function for your YouTube, or any other videos.

Speechelo is actually one of the best ‘text-to-speech online’ software on the market. It actually takes text, and with couple of mouse clicks converts it into audio files. Awesome, isn’t it?

It is really great opportunity for anybody to create more new videos by simply applying a new text to speech technology , and record a new voice over in different language even for the same video footage… this way you can create new content by using same video footage for different group of people who don’t understand original language of the video.

You have to just to copy-paste the text into your script.

You can fine-tune and play with it on the fly. You can generate many types of different voices with AI (artificial intelligence).

It doesn’t take long to turn text into speech file. Once you put your text into the proper box, hit the button. Once done, you can play and listen to it before you download it.

Well, let’s be honest: no computer voice is ever going to be absolutely perfect, or more real than human voice. None of the AI voices today sound like real people, but they sound very real, and remain a great choice for voiceovers.

You can also go with text in different languages. You could create your video in English, than create more of same version- just in different languages to reach wider audience around the globe.

The main reason Speechelo is great app is because the voice over almost sounds completely human, and it’s definitely good enough.

You can also get pro features with upgraded version: additional 30 voices, plus ability to create longer videos. On top of that, you get 40 background music tracks that you can apply instantly, plus you can also have commercial license.

text to speech app
text to speech app

Some people are using this tool to make money by selling their text to speech online service (with the pro version) in different languages on such platforms as Fiverr, TopTal, Upwork, Crowded, PeoplePerHour or 99Designs.

With Speechelo, you can also take any Youtube video (your own or any of your clients), and create a voice over in any language from Speechelo library. This way you’ll allow more people to watch and understand the content from its original language.