5 Tips On How To Start A Vegetable Garden

how to start vegetable garden

This article is for anyone interested in how to start a vegetable garden.

Here are the top 5 things we wanted to share with our vegetable garden lovers.

#1. When you start a new garden, the number one thing to consider is light.

Most vegetables, fruits and herbs will grow ok in full sunshine with at least six to eight hours of direct sunshine.

Some shading is more than welcome depending on the climates.

Some season crops, like spinach, cabbage and radishes can be grown in partial shade.

#2. It would be logical to consider your garden near a source of water to make watering quick and easy.

Well, it’s better to water your garden heavily once a week than a little every day. This forces plant’s roots to reach further down into the soil to seek moisture.

#3. You should nourish your soil with organic compost or manure.

Manure should be prepared for at least six months before applying it, as fresh manure contains weed. Seeds can harbor disease and may ‘burn’, or kill plants due to its very content of high nitrogen.

#4. Don’t plant too early as tender plants are likely to be caught out by a sudden frost, and will fail to thrive.

#5. Remove weeds as soon as you see them to prevent a chance for them to spread.

Of course, good gardeners make lots of mistakes, but they learn from them.

By keeping track of when, where, and what you grew and noting any pests, diseases or failures, you can build up a personal record of what works best for you and your garden.

Take photos outside on the go, then upload them with your written notes. Record when you planted, watered and tended your crops.

These basic tips are our recommendations for newbies, but of course everyone has a different opinion based on their own experiences. So if you’re not so new to gardening, we invite you to share your advice for beginners in the comments section below.

And if you’re a gardening newbie, then we hope this article encouraged you to get started with gardening.