How To Get Thick Hair Naturally, Even In Your Bald Patches

how to get thick hair

When women get older their hair isn’t anything like as thick and beautiful as it used to be. That’s why every woman wants to know how to get thick and strong hair naturally.

That’s why the hair dresser should carefully style their hair. The strands are strong but the roots aren’t because the follicle is too weak to stand the stress. Proper management of the hair will have hair grow thick, healthy and beautiful.

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Follicles recover after a long period of rest. The follicle is like a sponge that can absorb a lot of water and retain it for a long period of time, but once it has absorbed water it begins to lose it fast.

Because of this rapid loss, the follicle may not be able to take in nutrients again and begin to recover. The solution to recover hair is to do your hair everyday.

One of the best answers on how to get thick hair naturally is to manage hair by also using herbal oils or a special massage (on top of daily intake of the right nutrients). The use of oil-based hair products is not what we advise for hair recovery.

The hair is delicate and will break the next day. You have to make sure to use only very light oils (less than 40 percent oil), as too much can be damaging.

A massage using oil is also a good way to manage hair and strengthen the roots. The massage stimulates the follicle which will help the hair to grow thicker, fuller and stronger.

The massage stimulates the blood flow to the scalp which in turn means more nutrients can be carried to the roots. The treatment also helps to keep your hair from shedding.

Many people do not do their hair correctly and this makes their hair weak. Many people cut their hair in a sloppy way and this causes too much stress on the hair and follicles.